Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas - Earrings!

A great early Christmas day, yesterday, with all 4 of our respective children, chez "our place". Opening gifts, drinking champagne & cool drinks, munching on yummy "White Christmas" slice, cherry jam drops, ham off the bone, turkey, barbecued marinated chicken wings, crusty herb bread, home-made coleslaw & green salad, followed by Strawberry Pavlova with whipped cream...phew!

We even managed a swim at nearby Hampton beach. The water was refreshingly icy, and very welcome on a 39 degree (celsius) day.... A typical Australian Christmas!

Now, driving North with number one son to visit my two sisters, brother-in-law & nephew for ANOTHER Christmas Day celebration, tomorrow! Number one daughter is serving the community as one of those wonderful, caring nurses. (She said: the patients loved her trendy Christmas tree earrings - laser-cut by her clever Mum!)

Have a safe, relaxing Christmas, everyone!

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