Tuesday, March 1, 2016

29 February 2016 - Last Day of Summer!

It's not often that this day comes around, so it's worthy of mention!  29th February!   Or at least, it's significant enough to prompt me to create a new blog post to commemorate the occasion.   At the start of 2016, I had the best intentions of updating this blog at least once a month - yet where has the time gone?  Are the days going by faster?  Or is life just accelerating?

This Australian summer, in Melbourne, has been unusually hot and humid. And uncomfortable.  Like most people, I do not sleep well in the heat, or function well the next day.  So it's with some relief that I welcome the start of Autumn tomorrow, on the 1st March - clear blue skies, balmy temperatures and a refreshing chill in the air - bring it on!

My newest  laser-cut Acrylic Template set is the "Double-Sized Window (Fanlight) Version of Ballet with Kaffe", with an added 1/4 inch seam.   See, the 10 x diamonds on the left create the middle of the first star.  Compare that to the "Double Size Window" of that same shape, on the right!   In the "Window Version", the Inside edge represents the Stitching Line, and the Outside edge is the 1/4 inch fabric cutting line.

See my Etsy store - Sunset Seams. for details of this 4-piece set, in a choice of 4 translucent colours.

Full details and instructions for this pattern are available from the stunning "Milliefiori Book 2" by Willyne Hammerstein.   I was lucky enough to view the original quilt, up close, at the Australian Quilt Convention in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre last year.  It's featured on the cover of the book - a stand-out of colour and contrast.   The original pattern pieces are very small - which creates the intricate, mosaic-like colourful tiles.  

Sadly.... these pattern pieces are a bit too small for me to use (I'm not very accomplished at English Paper Piecing).  So I decided to  re-sized them so that each finished edge is "Double" the size of the original.  (ie, the main measurement is 6cm, instead of 3cm).  For those of you who enjoy mathematics, you'll realise that this means if you followed the original pattern exactly, then the final quilt would be FOUR times the SIZE the original!   Pretty big, right?

Alternatively, you could use the larger templates to make a similar quilt FOUR TIMES as FAST!  For me, the bonus is being able to hand-piece the bigger fabric pieces (using running stitch) - without having to bother with wrapping or gluing fabric onto paper pieces.

Yes, that fabric is from my small stash of Tula Pink "Eden" range. I'm looking forward to adding more colours, as the motif grows.    Maybe it won't end up being a full quilt - (if only I had that much time!) - but it may soon reach my favourite lap quilt size (1.5 x 1.5 metres).  Here's hoping!

Now that I finally have a new mobile phone (after having remained stubbornly loyal to my old one for far more years than it deserved), it should be easier and quicker for me to upload photos to my blog, and so create more frequent posts. (Again, hopefully!)

Anyway... Thanks for stopping by!  Do check out my Instagram account @SunsetSeams, if you get the chance.