Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winter nights, Hand-Quilting

It's only been 12 months since I learnt hand-quilting.  It's so relaxing, soothing, and easy to do while watching a favourite movie and sipping Cointreau on ice.

My stitch length will improve over time, I'm sure - I'm happy with the rustic look, at the moment.

This is the Robe Harbour Quilt, with its restful, ocean colours (see earlier blog entry).

I've echo quilted inside each of the centre squares, and also along the grid made by the light blue-green sashings and inner border.  For the outer wide border, along the yellow "sand", I decided to add some curves with a "wave" theme.

Here is the original template - a simple cable.  I used this as a base, and made some modifications to create "waves".

I traced only the bottom curves onto some white tulle (netting), and then drew a counterpoint wave under that.  The corners were a challenge, but I think they've turned out ok.

The pattern on the tulle is marked with a permanent black texta.  When I'm ready to hand-quilt a new section, I line up the tulle pattern on the fabric, then firmly draw over the black line with the Sewline pen, and the green lead filters down through the holes in the tulle, making an easy-to-follow line that can be erased or washed out.

My favourite hand-quilting tools:  the Sewline erasable marking pencil (in pale green... refills available in pink and white, from Amitie Fabrics); Redwork 9 needles, and DMC Perle 8 cotton, in sea-green - which seems to go with everything.

It's delightful to pick up this quilt every evening, do some hand-sewing to relax and refresh after a long day at work.  I'll be rather sad when it's done!

Winter in Melbourne is cold, wet and bleak.  To cap it off, last week we had a few "firsts":  Coldest Melbourne day in nearly 20 years;  A dramatic Earthquake tremor on 19th June 2012, at Magnitude 5.2, and my  husband suffered a week at home with a horrible head cough (he's Never sick!) I also learnt how to use Twitter... and now get all the World news (and European football scores) much, much faster!

On the bright side... now that the shortest day has come and gone.... things can only look up..... hurry up Spring!