Sunday, July 22, 2012

Winter Sunshine

A lovely, bright, sunshiny weekend - the first in months - has cheered me up no end!  This is the view from the beach, near the Middle Brighton Baths, where I lunched with friends on Saturday.  One of my favourite casual cafes, overlooking Port Phillip Bay.

Such a wide range of blues in the sky and sea: deep blue through azure to pale aqua.  There was hardly any breeze, so the surface was like glass.  Even the shades of blue-grey-lavender in the clouds add to an impressionistic vista that I just wanted to forever imprint on my mind... so peaceful!

These are the colours in my latest project - more of these delightful crocheted hexagons.  Easy to do, one at a time, or even stop half-way.  Of course, there was not  much sewing or quilting being done in the past few weeks - thanks to a bout of virus / flu / head cold that seemed to pass... and then I relapsed.  Not much energy for anything except sleeping, and sitting on the couch, staring at the box.  Pretty miserable, but apparently it's hit a lot of people.
Anyway, these pretty colours are cheering me up.   I started off without a set plan, but now I can see it's starting to form.  There are so many colours that it's easy to make new combinations. I haven't doubled up, yet!   As long as I keep the cream wool as the second round, then a design of sorts is maintained.

Before the end of June, I did this Mystery Bee block, for my friend Sally.  My first one, ever!  I had not tried the Kalaidescope pattern before... it was a bit tricky getting the points right... but not bad, if I say so myself!  It will be my turn to send out fabric to the Bee members in early August... another first. More on that, later.

A belated "thanks" to Kristy, for her "shout-out" about my templates recently, for her EPP Hexagons (English Paper Piecing).  She requested a customised 3/8 inch seam allowance - easy to do.  At the recent See & Sew Day at Ashburton, a few more Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild members expressed interest - remember, the first piece/set (up to 10 inches square), is free for members.  See my Acrylic Template Page for details and colours.

(To the lady asking about a thicker acrylic, to use for "long-arm" quilting templates, I've found out that we can source, and cut, a 6mm thick version, in clear acrylic. Please contact me....)