Friday, February 22, 2013

Quilt Guild Presentation - North of the Yarra Quilt Guild

One of our orders from the day.
Last November I was kindly invited by Pamela Boeres of the North of the Yarra Quilt Guild to do a presentation at one of their meetings in 2013. (She saw my stand at the Palliative Care Quilt Show in October 2013).  This was tentatively arranged for Saturday 16th February.

As the day approached, an unfortunate  and unavoidable clash of commitments meant that my Quilt Guild gig was looking shaky.

1.5 inch wide Clamshell + 1/4 inch seam

Luckily, "Mr Sunset Seams" volunteered to take my place and preach the message... and so he bravely ventured into the far north (well, from our place it's a long way).  The Diamond Creek audience of over 60 seasoned quilters certainly put him through his paces and asked some tricky questions....  but luckily.... he had been well prepared.  

The Customised Laser-cut Acrylic Templates story has now been spread to a few more willing listeners, and lots of sample key-tags and business cards were handed out.

Thanks, ladies, for your lovely, warm welcome to Andrew, and for listening with such attention - I just wish I could have been a fly on the wall!  Thanks to Pamela for organising, and to Anita, the President for hosting us.
"Many thanks for Andrew coming to our Guild Meeting today. I think it was  a great success. There were definitely a few sceptics that there could be a niche they hadn’t spied yet. By the time Andrew left everyone who was there was sold and I am expecting quite a few orders to come to you after today."  Pam.