Thursday, December 31, 2015

Farewell to 2015

It has been a HUGE year...!   "So Much to Tell You", as per the famous Australian author John Marsden's novel title. 

Where to start? Not tonight, on New Year's Eve.  Sufficient to say that it's been extremely busy & successful (work-wise), and sadly eventful (extended family-wise) and unexpectedly challenging (health-wise).

Instagram has proved to be a wonderfully easy way to connect with friends & customers, so this Blog has been a bit of an orphan this year.

However, hopefully 2016 will be a vast improvement on last year, and I will use the Blog to share more personal insights about my favourite aspects of quilting, sewing and acrylic laser-cutting of templates.

Thanks so much to all of my lovely, loyal Etsy & website customers...and Instagram & Pinterest followers! You make my day!

All the best for a happy, healthy & safe New Year to you, your precious family, and treasured friends!


Lisa & Andrew Smallridge
Sunset Seams, Melbourne, Australia
31 December 2015