Acrylic Quilting Templates

Laser-cut 3mm Acrylic Quilting  Templates - Custom-made to Order 

- from any Pattern** (Perspex, Plexiglass)

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The Laser-Cutter has been running hot lately, busily cutting lots of 3mm Acrylic templates for orders and samples.  It's really satisfying to be able to help quilting, patchwork and sewing enthusiasts to increase their enjoyment from their favourite activity. 

We have received lots of terrific feedback from customers who have ordered acrylic templates for different uses:  Patchwork, Quilting, Applique, Scrapbooking, Paper Piecing (for tracing), and even sewing projects - like pocket shapes for machine embroidery. 

We use Auto-Cad to convert  the scanned or emailed shapes into the computer, then program this into the Laser-Cutter.  It's so fast! My friends at the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild had been trialling these templates for me last year, with great results, and it's terrific to receive repeat orders from satisfied customers.  
6 Translucent colours: Orange, Yellow, Fluro Pink, Fluro Green, Pale Blue & Clear

Would you like to make better use of your sewing and crafting time? 
  • speed up the rotary-cutting process of multiple pieces?  
  • avoid re-making cardboard or templastic templates as they wear out?   
  • stop searching for impossible-to-find commercial templates to fit the exact measurements & shapes you need?
  • design your own templates to use with your favourite patterns? 
  • or re-scale an block pattern to a different size?
Did you know....
  • that we can work in inches or centimetres?  
  • there is low Minimum Order of $20 AUD - one-off requests are welcome!
  • discounts are available for multiple orders.

These accurate, precision-cut, custom-made acrylic templates are long-lasting, terrific to use, and are made to order - any shape or size or colour YOU like. Or get multiples, in various sizes.
Template acrylic is 3mm or 1/8th inch (like commercial quilting rulers), and available in 6 colours: fluro green; fluro pink; orange; yellow; pale blue; clear. (with qualities similar to perspex) 

10 x Circles- Diameter: 1inch to 10 inches

Sizes:  Templates can be laser-cut up to 24 x 36 inches (60 x 90 cm). (Although for posting purposes, the limit is usually 12x12 inches).  Markings can be etched onto the template, if desired, such as: quarter-inch seam allowance, straight-grain line arrows, the pattern name, piece number, your name, or any other details.
Cost: Competitive, reasonable rates - depending on the number of pieces, complexity of the shape, and per square-inch of acrylic used (plus postage, via Australia post).  A quote will be emailed to you, prior to cutting. After payment is confirmed, your personalised templates will be laser-cut and usually posted within 5-7 business days.  

(For international postage, please email me for details).

How to Order: 
  • Email your scanned design to:
  • Or post a photocopy of your pattern to: PO Box 221, Elwood, Victoria, Australia 3184.  
  • Or email me the link to the free PDF pattern.
  • Or send me a clear description of your shape, including angle, sizes & line measurements in inches or centimetres.
  • Choose your preferred colour, etchings & markings required.
  • A quote will be emailed to you within one day, for your confirmation.
  • Pre-Payment via direct credit to Australian bank account, or Paypal.
  • Templates will be posted in padded bags, generally within 5-7 business days of confirmed payment.
This is a photo of the Laser Cutter -

**PLEASE NOTE:  Templates are for your personal use,  from a pattern which you already have.   For example, you may have bought it, or it's from a magazine or book,  or you have obtained it as a free PDF.  I do not sell any patterns (apart from those I've designed myself).  If in doubt, please contact me with your query, and I'll be glad to help  :)  

Please Also Note:  Templates will be cut based upon the corresponding pattern provided.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the templates, in the conversion process small errors can occur.  If you are not satisfied with any of the pieces, please let us know and we will happily provide a replacement piece, free of charge.