Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sewing Machine Heaven!

Tonight, we experimented with making a 6mm acrylic (perspex) insert for my Horn Sewing Cabinet.... and it worked!!!

So Excited!  It looks so good!

Even though my Brother Sewing Machine (which I love) is over 20 years old... and it would be impossible to find one to buy.... we've managed to create a close-fitting insert with relative ease. (Tried it out on cardboard, first).

Gotta love that Laser Cutter!  (And my husband, of course, who is a genius!)


  1. Will you be selling these???! I'm still interested in an extension table for my machine (so similar to what you've just made, but I'd find some legs to add to it rather than it going in a table.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Yes, I hope to. Just working out the mechanics of attaching some perspex legs, so I can also use it as an extension table at MMQG Sewing Days. I'll keep you in the loop! Cheers, Lisa.

  2. But it's not PINK!!! Or Blue!!! Cmon Lisa, colour it up!!
    You coming tomoro night?
    Lorraine x

  3. Oh, and I have two of these I never usecos they are too wonky and don't fit right. Do you want me to bring one if you come, you're welcome to take it and work it out.

  4. Thanks Lorraine! Can't make tonight, but hope to get to your December sewing night. Unfortunately, the 6mm acrylic only comes in clear!