Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blue Floral "Quilting Bee"

As part of the current Melbourne Modern Quilt Group's Mystery Bee, I chose these pretty blue floral fabrics  - 6 x fat quarters, to be exact.

I seem to be drawn to the colour "blue", lately.  It's so fresh and clear, like a sun-filled spring sky.

From a range of suggested patterns, I chose the "Spinning Star" block  from

Because of the asymmetrical shapes of the two pieces, I decided to create my own laser-cut acrylic templates.   It really did make a huge difference in the speed and accuracy of my cutting. Keeping to the "blue" theme, I chose the pale blue tinted Acrylic - still totally transparent, but a little easier to see against a white background.

I was slightly distracted while cutting... watching a favourite DVD episode of the old 1970's series of Rockford, with my husband - we just love watching James Garner in action!

There was just enough of the three light-blue prints to make 9 blocks - though I'll have to mix them up a little.  The darker blues will look terrific as the spinning blades.

At the MMQG's SASD (Sit and Sew Day) today at Ashburton, I received my first sewn blocks from another member, Sally.  Thanks, they look great!

Once I've received all the pieces, I was thinking of using the 6th fabric (a blue and white gingham), as the sashing fabric.  With 9 blocks in total, this quilt is destined to be about 1m x 1m in size.  Perhaps I'll add a wide border as well, to bring it up to "lap-quilt" size?

In my previous post, I showed a photo of Sally's Kalaidescope block which I made in June - she has already made it into a quilt!  Talk about fast work!  Sally's Quilt

Here is the block I made for Lorraine in July. I can't wait to see her quilt finally finished - she's pretty quick, too!

Given that this is my first attempt at being in a Sewing Bee, I must say that I'm quite enjoying the challenge and camaraderie!

Have a great week!

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