Sunday, May 13, 2012

Applique Pillow Case

About 6 months ago in late Summer, my  artistic step-son (14), asked me to make him a patchwork pillow-case.

He drew a design, and coloured it in. Off we went on a shopping trip, to choose the fabrics. A cuddly flanellette in his favourite (Lime-green) formed the backing, then he chose  co-ordinating colours.

Don't you love the frogs and turtles? The green/blue spot fabric was ironed onto a square of Vliesofix. We used the Laser Cutter to cut out the letters evenly (see the left-overs, below), then ironed each letter onto the yellow fabric.

He even machine-stitched some of the border seams himself! Then, I hand-stitched the appliqued letters with blanket stitch (using DMC Perle 8) - that took longer than expected.  Next, I made an envelope backing, and sewed it to the front. He was so excited when it was finished!  (Well, in a really cool way, he tells me!)


  1. That looks really super! And using the laser cutter to cut the letters is a fantastic idea! I'll have to remember that if I have anything tricky planned ever :)

  2. Thanks Rachel. There were a range of standard fonts from which to choose... and originally, Matt wanted a very dramatic, spiky, type with lots of long,narrow points. Sadly, I had to explain that my "beginner's applique skills" only ran to rounded corners... at this stage. Maybe next time?


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