Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hamburg Hexagon Quilt

In August 2010, when my husband attended a science conference in Hamburg,  I asked him to bring home some fabric. These lovely, clear, spring-like solids caught his eye (sunny yellow, mint green, candy pink, apple green, and cherry).  I drew up a basic design for an English-pieced hexagon quilt.

Some co-ordinating prints from Amitie Textiles, Bentleigh,  and a lovely floral tone-on-tone cream fabric from The Quilters Patch, Moorabbin, completed the picture.  My husband kindly used his laser-cutter to cut out hundreds of perfect hexagons from both paper (1.5in), and fabric (2in) - precision itself.

To be honest, the traditional hand-stitching of the fabric to the templates seemed a bit long-winded, so I resorted to a glue-stick.  Much faster!

It's quite relaxing to hand-stitch the pieces into flowers, frame them with cream hexagons, then join the flowers together.   Though progress is slow. it perfectly suits long evenings indoors, in front of an engrossing movie, with a glass of wine, winding down after the day's work is done.

I'm enjoying watching my hand-made  Hamburg Hexagon Quilt gradually grow. Am still thinking about the border treatment.....


  1. These are lovely, Lisa. I'll give your blog address to Kym. Kay

  2. What gorgeous colours. I love bright colours, especially at this time of year as we are in the midst of Autumn.

  3. Thanks Cathy. Yes, it is a joy to work with clear, cheerful colours, especially when skies are grey. Though I'm a fan of Autumn tones, as well... and am just about to start new kit along those lines.


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